Can Cleaning Mould Affect Your Health? Falsifying the Myths

As homeowners, we endeavour to preserve a clean and healthy environment for ourselves and our families. The presence of fungus is a common source of concern for us. Mould can be unpleasant, emit foul odours, and even cause structural damage to our dwellings. Nonetheless, the query frequently arises: Can cleaning mould make you sick? In this article, we will investigate this query and debunk several myths surrounding mould removal.

Understanding Mould Before delving into the health implications, let’s define mould briefly. Mould is a fungus that flourishes in moist and humid environments. It can grow on walls, ceilings, rugs, and even furnishings. Mould reproduces via microscopic spores that float through the air and can readily enter the respiratory system.

Myth 1: Mould remediation releases harmful toxins:

A common misconception is that cleaning mould can cause health problems by releasing harmful toxins into the air. While it is true that some types of mould, such as black mould (Stachybotrys chartarum), can generate mycotoxins, cleaning does not release these toxins. Instead, it is the disruption of mould growth that may discharge spores into the air and cause respiratory problems.

Myth 2: Do-it-yourself cleaning methods are adequate:

Another misconception is that DIY cleansing methods are sufficient to eliminate mould issues. Although surface cleansing with household products may eliminate visible mould, it does not always address the underlying cause. Mould flourishes frequently in hidden areas, such as behind walls or beneath carpets, making its elimination difficult without professional assistance. To ensure a thorough and long-lasting solution, it is best to seek out professional mould removal services.

Now that we’ve debunked a couple of mould-related misconceptions, let’s examine the potential health risks associated with mould exposure:

    Sensitive individuals who are exposed to mould may experience allergic reactions, including sneezing, coughing, respiratory congestion, and skin irritation. Those with preexisting respiratory conditions, such as asthma, may experience a worsening of their symptoms.

    Inhaling mould spores can result in respiratory issues, including bronchitis, pneumonia, and respiratory infections. Those with weakened immune systems, infants, and the elderly are especially vulnerable.

    Although mycotoxicosis is uncommon, specific forms of mould can produce mycotoxins. Mycotoxicosis, caused by prolonged exposure to mycotoxins, can cause severe symptoms such as fatigue, migraines, vertigo, and even neurological problems. It is important to observe that cases of mycotoxicosis are uncommon.

Given the potential health risks and difficulties associated with do-it-yourself methods, it is prudent to employ professional mould removal services. This is why:

    Expertise and Equipment: Professional mould remediators have the required knowledge, experience, and specialised equipment to locate, evaluate, and eliminate mould problems. They are able to identify concealed mould growth and implement appropriate remediation techniques.

    Safe and Effective Remediation: Professionals use containment strategies and personal protective equipment to minimise exposure risks and adhere to industry best practises. They use effective cleaning agents and procedures to guarantee the removal of mould in a safe and efficient manner.

    Prevention and Long-Term Solutions: Mould experts not only address extant mould problems, but also offer advice and recommendations for preventing future growth. They are able to identify underlying moisture issues, recommend corrective measures, and advise on ventilation to maintain a mould-free environment.

The exposure to mould spores and the potential release of mycotoxins poses health hazards, rather than the act of cleaning mould itself. Understanding the significance of hiring a professional mould removal service is enhanced by the debunking of common myths about mould removal. By hiring professional mould removal services, you can ensure a safe and comprehensive remediation process, effectively eradicating mould problems and creating a healthier living environment for your family.

Remember, when it comes to mould, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Consult with professionals and take preventative measures to keep your home mould-free.

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